Art Staging and Rentals

Mckibben Studios has created a unique Art Staging Rental opportunity program for our personal and corporate clients.

We realize that often a client may want to acquire Art for a short period of time, possibly an event, rental property, staging real estate for sale or just a change of art on a periodical basis.

  1. You select the Art you would like to rent.
  2. Then you decide how long you would like to rent the Art, (minimum of 3 month rental period)
  3. The cost is based on 10% of the suggested Art retail price ($125.00 minimum per contract)


    Retail Price of the Art: $2,350.00
    3 month minimum rental cost: $705.00
    Each additional month rental: $ 235.00 until the Art has been safely returned to McKibben Studios and/or rental fee meets the retail Art price at which time you now own the Art. Shipping & Handling cost will very depending on Art selected.

  4. Delivery, Installation, Shipping & Handling of the Art (from Mckibben Studios and returned to McKibben Studios) is an additional cost to the client and will very depending on size, quantity, weight and destination location. We suggest that you keep the original create box and packing materials for safe return to McKibben Studios.
  5. Any damage to the Art will result in the total retail purchase price of the Art minus what ever rental fees have already been paid.
  6. Payment for the first 3 month rental period will be charged to the client’s credit card at time of contract signing and at the contract conclusion date each additional month will be charged for the next 30 day time period until the Art is safely returned to McKibben Studios.
  7. To get started Please Contact one our Art Consultants at:

    McKibben Studios Inc.
    540 South Coast Hwy. # 110
    Laguna Beach, CA 92651
    Phone: 949-715-4900
    Fax: 949-715-6859